Studio René Boer

René Boer (1986, he/him) is a queer organizer, researcher and critic with a focus on spatial justice, urban imaginations and radical heritage, based between Amsterdam and Cairo. He is managing editor at Failed Architecture, part of the Non-fiction collective and involved in various urban social movements. He has recently taught at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Design Academy Eindhoven and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

selected projects
Architecture of Appropriation
Contemporary Commoning
Failed Architecture
Grounded Urban Practices
Post-Fossil City
Reimagining Cairo
Smooth City
Terraforming Indonesia
The Right to Build
Useful Life

Post-Fossil City

Imagine a city that is not addicted to fossil fuels. How would that change the way we live, work, and move around the city? The Post-Fossil City exhibition, curated together with Michiel van Iersel, featured the finalists of a contest organized by the Urban Futures Studio, calling on artists, designers, architects and other creative thinkers to show some hints of this possible future.

The contest received 250 submissions from people in over 40 countries, ranging from architects to physical scientists, from designers to musicians. The ten most innovative, inspiring, and imaginative ideas were featured in the exhibition, which was shown in 2017 in Utrecht, The Hague and Ghent.

"As we’re moving towards a post-fossil future, our addiction to coal, gas and oil will come to an end. This transition and new era will reshape cities an everyday life so radically that it’s hard to imagine what it will feel, taste, smell and look like."

Ark of the Newest Convenant by Walter Breukers and Jaap Godrie.

African Alternatives by Blake Robinson and Karl Schulschenk.

The Post-Fossil City exhibition was initiated by Maarten Hajer and Peter Pelzer (Urban Futures Studio). Exhibition design by Celine de Waal Malefijt en Lion Zeegers (Studio KNOL).