Studio René Boer

René Boer (1986, he/him) is a queer organizer, researcher and critic with a focus on spatial justice, urban imaginations and radical heritage, based between Amsterdam and Cairo. He is managing editor at Failed Architecture, part of the Non-fiction collective and involved in various urban social movements. He has recently taught at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Design Academy Eindhoven and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

selected projects
Architecture of Appropriation
Contemporary Commoning
Failed Architecture
Grounded Urban Practices
Post-Fossil City
Reimagining Cairo
Smooth City
Terraforming Indonesia
The Right to Build
Useful Life

Failed Architecture

By opening up new perspectives on the built environment, Failed Architecture seeks to explore the meaning of architecture in contemporary society. This inclusive platform for critical urban discourse has grown considerably with the addition of a podcast, the expansion of its Amsterdam team and new bases in Beirut, Bogotá, Istanbul and New York. Failed Architecture has been an important point of departure for numerous publications, workshops and curatorial projects.

"Failed Architecture challenges dominant spatial fashions and explores alternative realities, reaching far beyond the architectural community. It combines personal stories with research and reflection, always remaining committed to the idea that architecture is about social justice and climate justice, pop culture and subculture, representation and imagination, and everything that happens after the building’s been built."

Participants at the Failed Architecture workshop in Amman, Jordan.

Incompiuto summer school participants exploring a massive, unfinished concrete structure on Sicily.

Some recent Failed Architecture projects include the Building Workers Unite! and Urban Feminism for the 99% special series; the summer schools with Incompiuto on Italy's many unfinished buildings or the recent collaboration with Black Females in Architecture, Migrant’s Bureau and Design As Protest to remind architecture and design organisations of their support for #BlackLivesMatter. Currently, Failed Architecture is developing a new series of real life spatial encounters called 'Situations'.

Announcement video for the Failed Architecture Podcast #3 Modernism Distorted. Visuals: Kees Klein.

Announcement video for the Failed Architecture Podcast #3 Architects in Calais. Visuals: Kees Klein.